domingo, 5 de agosto de 2012

Seed Salem (1984): Neon Gods (2012)

"These neon kiosks are a symbol of Jeddah ... they are iconic and you only find them in this city. They are the only places open really late...2am...4am...selling Madinah mint tea and everything else: cigarettes, noodles, swimming goggles, popcorn, prayer mats ... Everything you want. It is like a mini hypermarket. To me, they symbolise both the old Arabic culture: a place to meet and talk; as well as something very futuristic. An intense ball of consumer energy."

Foto perteneciente a la serie Neonland, desarrollada por este fotógrafo yemení, dedicado tanto a la fotografía publicitaria, de encargo, como a proyectos personales como éste.

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