sábado, 27 de agosto de 2011

Charlie Jenkins & Alison de Vere: Eleanor Ribgy (secuencia de la película de animación The Yellow Submarine) (1968)

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  1. Allison was a brilliant painter, and my comment about her is that she had this naive idea about people, she was a philanthropist , she loved the world and I remember her for one thing: she goes to her greengrocer, …and she doesn’t like the look of the grapes....the shopkeeper said to her:-‘ I dont blame you girl all those back bastards putting their fingers over the grapes”, she came back to the studio in complete shock… that’s what I remember from Allison she was hypersensitive about the world…wonderful artist, impeccable person...

    1. One of the most moving commentaries in this blog.
      Honoured that you have sent it.
      Unfortunatelly the video is not visible anymore, but I understand and I agree that if it violates any right, it has to be taken out.
      Thank you so much