lunes, 16 de junio de 2014


Selección de poemas sobre el sentido y el imaginario de la arqueología, del poemario, recientemente publicado, de la poetisa norteamericana Doreen Gildroy: Labyrinth on My Table.
(Reproducido por The American Poetry Review, 43/3, Mayo/Junio de 2014, ps. 21-26):

A Desperate Attempt at Beauty. 3:

In the archaeological digs
looking, looking-

if I could find out where I am in this-

the architectural locations

of a fully realized
internal landscape

embody my mind-

locator of beauty.

When I feel full,

the facts do not match the


the angel.

From the Ancient World

When the artifacts are found
chiseled out, cleaned up and looked at again
as things of beauty

that are not lost
(never were lost)

what do we recognize?

Sublime beauty-
exquisite human attempt?

Maybe the ringing of a bowl
sounds blue blue

as the same time as
light reflects

a pressing up
from a golden´s horse´s head.

A hand touches it-
and like an intuition

it tells us it is here.
It tells us we are here.

Where no record
had ever been found

a series of tiny figurines unearth
as if to say:

I did my work, i did it right.

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