martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013


So, in this late hour:
maybe trouble,
maybe fantasy.
It's too hot for winter.
Patience, violent heart!

Bright blue flames under my fingers.
I'm taken by surprise,
taken through the city, storm on my back.

It is the hand of love so rough,
what we're feeling for the first time?
Does Claire love too, or Julie, do they love?
When Lis feels the way I do,
can I feel her percuss through the city?

Through the city,
all the phones are ringing
with the restaurant's complaint.
Even the regular customers have left early tonight
ran out without a hat.
Everyone has left early without a hat,
a fire without a hat

All the birds of the world make their way over
with new softer songs to sing.
The moon is true.
Maxim's on fire!

Gigi swimming.
I see my love swimming!
Moon, you know disaster from a warm bath.

All who are muffled by the squall:
doesn't love scare them?
Screamers on the balconies,
soldiers on the roofs,
trombones on the roofs,

the screamers who fell in love or died,
city appearing

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