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Into the Garden of Glass and Steel from Aristotelis Maragkos on Vimeo.

Sobre este cineasta y autor de cortometrajes de animación griego, y sobre el documental presentado, reiteradamente premiado en diversos festivales, véase la página web.

Maragkos escribe a propósito del documental:

Canary Wharf is a modern architecture experiment, a city within the city of London. It has its own unique rhythm, style and architecture. It almost seems it was inspired by the writings of modern science fiction authors. this documentary attempts to grab the essence of Canary Wharf and its meaning to its occupants through the words of J.G Ballard.

About the Film
Imagine a future world. Imagine a world where technology has taken over society and mankind now makes all the choices based on instincts. Imagine a derelict world of the future. Where would these people live? How would the cityscape look like? J.G. Ballard suggests it wouldn’t be far away from what we can see now in contemporary London. Canary Wharf, is an example of what J.G. Ballard was trying to state through his novels. The documentary through the observational analysis of the architectural structures of Canary Wharf attempts to discover how they affect our lives and how they are also affected by our dystopian thoughts of the future.

What is Dystopia and where it is located.
Analyzing the people, their habits and the social structures the film attempt to get a glimpse of the future. The aim of the film is to locate the characteristics that form dystopias and see why humanity is always that interested not only on creating menacing versions of the future but also why we choose to design them and live in them. Why in a way we love to hate our dystopian realities.

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